4 Tips to get 10K Followers on Instagram in 24 Hours.

4 Tips to get 10K Followers on Instagram in 24 Hours.

Hey, it’s itsy here. In this article, I’m going to give you 4 tips to get 10K Followers on Instagram in 24 Hours. it will help you to become an Instagram influencer.

Tip 1: Call to action.

You need to have a call to action in your content. If you don’t have a call to action that’s getting somebody to follow you. well then guess what? you are never going to get 10 000 followers in a 24-hour period on Instagram.

I’ve seen creators get a million views 5million views 10 million views and they didn’t get 10 000 followers in 24 hours this might have happened to you also and it’s a shame because if you would have just put a call to action a good call to action on Instagram we’ll get five to ten percent of people that actually see the video to take action that means that you only need 100 to 200000 views in order to get 10 000followers and this is easier than ever.

Tip 2: Adding a hook that attracts people.

Adding a hook to your video actually attracts people because at the end of the day on Instagram your videos need to be short, need to be sweet, they need to have a call to action on.

If you want to get more followers I see many of you ramble on and you have no hook in your video. The number one mistake that I see scrum creators on Instagram right now is there’s no hook in their video that worked in the past Instagram CEO literally came out and said less tax on the videos does better but that does not work today that worked a year ago it doesn’t work today and so many of you are focused on these old growth tactics.

Tip 3: Uploading enough content.

Right now when it comes to Instagram when you’re posting on reels

You should be posting one to four posts every single day.

Instagram doesn’t care if you’re a perfectionist, Instagram doesn’t care if you don’t think it’s ready yet you need to put it out the way that you grow on social media is by putting it out and consistently getting better not by getting a hundred posts so that you can spend less time posting that’s not how it works you need to be creating content every single day well you don’t need to create content every single day but you need to be creating content a few days a week at least you need to be consuming the content and you need to understand your audience because you need to understand the person that understands their audience the best what the audience wants what the audience needs what the audience hates what’s the audience loves that is the person

Tip 4: Understand why your content failed.

The 4th tip is understanding why Instagram didn’t push out your content? it’s not because Instagram’s racist that’s not because Instagram hates you it’s not because you’re Shadow

Why Instagram didn’t push out your content?

People didn’t understand what their audience wants. They didn’t understand what the Instagram algorithm wants to keep people on the app. If you can relate to people and get them to watch your videos all the way through the end. Well then guess what happens? you get rewarded with more views. Ultimately in this case once you add that call to action it means more followers.

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