5 tips to viral Instagram Reels.

                      5 tips to viral Instagram Reels.

Welcome, In Today’s article you will see how to viral or get more views on Instagram reels if you have less than 100 followers then also you can viral your video I am going to tell you Instagram Algorithm Based Method I am going to tell you some important points from it from basics to advance or some hidden tips also  

Instagram reels.

Instagram’s rival to TikTok  Reels is 15-second short-form videos that you can now upload onto Instagram. If you’re wondering where they show up, they show up on your Instagram account, they have their own feed like you have with IGTV They also show up in the Explore feed and they also show up on the Reels feed.

1:Decide Your Upload Time.

How you decide your upload time someone tells you evening is best some for morning or afternoon don’t listen, anyone, Ask Your Followers Instagram Doesn’t Have any default setting to find out the active time of your followers like youtube but here’s an alternative for these ask a question in your story like these so ask your followers to choose one from it why you must upload on such timings? you will get initial views in these ways which helps your reels to boost starting views so there are higher chances of getting viral as compared to normal upload.

2:Normal to Pro.

Switch your normal account to a professional account you can see the account dashboard by doing these steps open Instagram then tap on profile than on the upper-right corner three dots than on setting after setting tap on account in an upcoming window then do tap on the switch to the mode which you want after that you will get a window where you can choose your niche you can choose what you want like an educator or public figure like that.

3:Perfect niche.

You must select a niche in starting for example you have 100  followers you have got that by your comedy video but then you just switch to lipsing or any other then you can need to face an issue supposed you got many followers from that video as they follow you for comedy then chances of watching your music or lipsing video are less when Instagram recommend your video to them on the home tab then if they didn’t watch it or just watch for 1 to 2 seconds then this all thing impact very badly on your videos audience retention and Instagram just stopped to push your video further then your video’s views got sucks or freeze on some digits

4: Use perfect Hashtags.

If you have fewer followers then you must use some low engagement hashtags with some trending one’s use hashtags that have less competition but decent engagement many people just go on the web or get hashtags copied from an app DON’T does that, that’s lead your account to get frizzed.

5:Reply your DMs.

This tip is a simple but effective reply to your DMs, Comment try to interact more with your followers these helps to create your brand value your followers get more interest in it then they will watch your reels for you, not for the content they starting like you do live at least weekly try to interact more with your followers.

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