Get famous on TikTok in 1 week Tips and Tricks.

 How to get famous on TikTok in 1 week.

Tiktok is an app that is only four years old, and has been downloaded over a billion times… those numbers are crazy, so I decided it’s time to pay attention. I want to get famous on Tiktok and I’m giving myself one week. 

My first task is to learn what Tiktok s all about. it’s a social media app that exclusively uses short-form storytelling as a medium for sharing through video and often times that video is accompanied by selected music to enhance the story. in fact, the app has a bunch of built-in storytelling tools, or filters, to help you tell those stories, like clone army or disco. picking tunes to make your video with is easy and also helps you discover new music which I believe is one of Tiktok’s profit vectors. 

You can also upload a video that you’ve taken earlier or multiple video sand patch them together as well as trim clips before publishing you can also like videos and follow creators and you can comment seems pretty easy so let’s explore some content it seems like they have a pretty good filter that automatically removes most illicit or illegal content but there’s still a fair share of content that I personally would rather not see so we’ll skip past as much of that as possible the app has generally matured or at least is heading in the direction from the cringe fest that it hurts so much about over the past several months and it seems like it’s turning more into just a storytelling platform with a focus on comedy short laughs and relatable memes anyone can be up and running in moments and discovery seems relatively primitive with a focus on just tags and interest gauged by like sand comment to view ratio and they also record watch time so that probably factors into it as well so how am I supposed to succeed as a 33 something year old man not the target audience or user demographic in a sea of oversaturated creators telling stories to the peers well there’s two types of content one is using the app and the apps built-in filters to tell story sand the second is uploaded pre-recorded content I have access to something that the vast majority of people using Tiktok don’t experience and more tools and I can create produced content with more than zero production quality and use my own library of music that majority of everyone else using Tiktok does not have access to like from epidemics sound for example no they didn’t sponsor this video and I’m not an affiliate just that’s what I use I have real lights real cameras better depth of field higher quality images and a library of content that I’ve already produced that I can pull from because I own that content so my first two videos were just me cutting up some old videos from science projects I had done earlier in my youtube career that never really went viral or never really hit so my first experience with tiktok content filter was dangerous content for some reason tiktok deleted a couple of my videos claiming that they constituted dangerous content now I didn’t really necessarily see that as dangerous or this one you know a massive Jacob’s Ladder from decomposed microwaved parts but nevertheless I guess TikTok doesn’t want teens trying really dangerous science experiments by themselves which fine I can understand that even though I knew what I was doing someone who is doing this by themselves for the first time might not however it turns out people really liked my lightsaber built and I cut it down into about a 1 minute video which was my second video that I uploaded to Tiktok and that one did really well it got over 180,000 views I also followed some memes on a platform where there’s this disco filter that used but I used my lights instead of the disco filter to make kind of a funny video people seem to like that too I’m sitting after seven days on the platform with about 3400 fans and over 40,000likes on my videos I did better than some other people that are much larger creators on YouTube than I am that you know that also made a how I got famous on tik-tok YouTube video but I think it’s because I did something different I uploaded unique content and something with actual production value or real interest and thought behind them not just copying memes or videos that other people have already done on TikTok and before I forget it seems like one of the most important tools for discovery on Tiktok is tags you have to make sure you use relevant and popular tags on all your videos if you want to be have a better chance at being discovered I tagged everything with hashtag for you which is related to the for you page a lot of people tag and search for tags of for you viral trending funny or comedy so just pick popular tags and try not to niche down too much you want to have a cast a very broad net and it seems like anytime you have a video that’s doing really well and a like to common ratio in the range of one like two for every five to seven views generally it’ll do really well I have another video right now and while I’m editing this video kind of going viral right now based on that ratio it took a few extra days but it looks like it’s still going viral so even if a video doesn’t hit right away there’s still a chance to little go viral in the future but it seems like it boils down to the like to view ratio so yes some people who are absurdly attractive can just upload a video of them looking at their phone and get tens of thousands of fans but standing out on Tiktok seems to be easy if you just put in a little bit of extra effort.

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