How to unfreeze TikTok Account id.

How to unfreeze TikTok Account id

Guys if your TIK TOK I’D / ACCOUNT FREEZE and you are very upset there is no likes and view in your videos ,Guys, in this post, I am going to tell you how to UNFREEZE TIK TOK I’D FREEZE.

Why TikTok id freeze?
Guys, first of all I would like to tell you why TIK TOK ID FREEZE?

1. Copyright Videos (recontent)
 2. Thirt party(websites and Apps)
3. (violation of community guidelines)
4. Not regular posts.

How to unfreeze TikTok Account id.

1.First  of all, clearing the data of the TikTok application.
2.Guys, you have to upload regular videos and if possible, react with big creators like Riyaz. Manjul Khattar.
3. After that uninstall the TikTok application and reinstall it and remember the password.
4. Report to Tik Tok team: – How to report Guys, open the TikTok application and then open the profile and after that you will get an option report.
I hope this article How to unfreeze TikTok Account id help you


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